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Lisvane Art Workshop

Critique by Paul Arnott, 17 May 2016

On 17 May, our own Paul Arnott gave us a much enjoyed critique on some of our paintings, with the benefit of his long experience as a painter in all media. He explained how to achieve depth in our painting using tonality and contrasting colours (light v dark) to make an object stand out. He also showed us how to compose our subject for best results - by using the lines of thirds, strong diagonals &c. The critique was also punctuated with a number of amusing anecdotes. Many thanks, Paul.

(top left) Paul discusses the first painting

(above) ‘Blooms’ watercolour by Pam Gilbert

(left) “I’d add a bit of blue there!”

(below) ‘Verona’, watercolour by Alison Down

(below left) ‘Hydrangea’, watercolour by our newest member, Pauline Rawlings

(bottom) ‘Nant Ffrancon’, acrylic by Trevor Jones

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