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Index To Paintings on This Website

For ease of reference, I have now included a list of all painting images on this website - all 537 of them! There are no links to go directly to the page on which the images are located, but the code at the right should enable you to find them quickly using the drop-down menus above. They are mostly in the exhibition galleries, so the first two digits give the year, then the ‘A’ or ‘F’ will indicate the Annual or Festival exhibition and the last digit will be the page in that gallery. So, for example 22A8 would indicate page 8 of the gallery for the Annual Exhibition of 2022. Others may be found as follows: R is the Rolling Exhibition, MG is the members’ gallery, TM is the Ted Martin Memorial Trophy, F is the Festival Trophy, and various others will be found in the reports of that year.

List updated 31 October 2023. Please let me know if you find any mistakes.

Alison Down (24)

  Chateau in Picardy     Watercolour 16A4

  Place St Pierre, Bordeaux    Watercolour 22A1

  Rose Bowl     Watercolour 18A4

  St Bride's Bay, Pembrokeshire   Watercolour 22A6

  Lakeland Farmhouse    watercolour 16PC

  Woods at Brinkburn Priory, Northumberland  Watercolour 18A1

  Winter Scene     Watercolour 18A6

  Barn Door, Picardy     Watercolour 16A1

  Bluebells On The Graig    Watercolour 17PC

  Sunflowers     Watercolour 16A2

  Thistledown     Watercolour 18A6

  Waiting For The Tide, St Bride's Haven   watercolour 22A5

  Café Scene, Buis-les-Baronnes, Provence  Watercolour 15A2

  St Helen's Dunes, Isle of Wight   Watercolour 18A5

  Broadhaven Bay     Watercolour 19F1

  Woods at Cragside, Northumberland   Watercolour 18A3

  Walking In The Brecon Beacons   watercolour 17A1

  Verona      watercolour 16C

  The Cobb, Lyme Regis    Watercolour 17A4

  Rose Arch     Watercolour 16F4

  Looking To The Skirrid From Blorenge   Watercolour 22A2

  Garden Pond     Watercolour 16F1

  Market Scene, Villers-Coterêts, Picardy   Watercolour 15A6, 16F3

  Malaucène, Provence    watercolour 18A5

Ann Pankhurst (7)

  Sorrento      Pen & Ink 22A5

  Venetian Balcony     Ink & Watercolour 22A4

  Great Spotted Woodpecker & Juvenile   Acrylic  22A7

  Eagle Eye     ink & watercolour R

  What's For Lunch?     pastel pencil 23F3

  Tropical Mockingbird Trio    acrylic  23F3

  Taormina, Sicily     ink & watercolour 23F2

Anne Edwards (31)

  Fuchsia      Watercolour 16F4

  Koi      Watercolour 16F2

  Follow Me     Acrylic & Watercolour 16A5

  Mountain Retreat     watercolour 23F1

  Boats      Watercolour 16F3

  Heat      Watercolour 15A5

  Eilean Donan Castle    Watercolour MG

  Toadstools     watercolour 18F2

  The Italian Dolomites    Watercolour 17PC

  Iris      watercolour 18F1

  Penguins      Watercolour 17A2

  Pink Sunset     watercolour 23F3

  Stroll In Erfoud     watercolour 23F2

  Walkies      watercolour R

  Brecon Falls     watercolour MG

  Pacific Swirl     watercolour MG

  Hermosa Calle     watercolour 23F3

  Daisies      Silk  17A7

  Landscape at Cassis (after Samuel Peploe)  Watercolour MG

  Polar Bears     Watercolour 17A2

  Desert Arch     Watercolour 19F1

  Old Welsh Chapel     Watercolour 17A3

  Blossom      Watercolour 16A2

  Firecracker     Watercolour MG

  Poppies      Silk  17A7

  Bluebell Woods     Watercolour MG

  Fuchsia      watercolour 16PC

  Kraken      Watercolour 18A3

  Arum Lily     Watercolour MG

  Starfish Explosion     Watercolour 18A1

  Twilight      Watercolour 17A1

  Scotland    Watercolour     MG

  The House In Winter       Watercolour     MG

  The End of The Day       Watercolour     MG

  Heatwave            Watercolour     MG

Beryl Pepperell (1)

  Chepstow     Watercolour TM3

Cynthia Walker (5)

  Sunrise Over The Lake    Watercolour 16A8

  Flight Over The Sea    Watercolour 15A3

  Spring Flowers     Watercolour 17F3

  Bird In A Bush     Watercolour 16A7

  Full Blown Rose     Watercolour pencils 17F2

David Ash (14)

  Sunset On the Meadow    Pastel  15A5

  The View Towards Baveno, Lake Maggiore, c 1950 Pencil  17F3

  Staithes      Pencil  15A6

  The Back Bar, Crown Hotel, Southwold   Mixed media 16A7

  On Holy Island     Watercolour 17A1

  An Old Woman of Crete    Pencil  17A2

  Corner of a Pembrokeshire Garden   Watercolour 16A6

  Kingfisher     Watercolour 16A7

  End of Day, Bamburgh Castle   Mixed media 16A3

  An Old Woman of Crete    Pastel  17F2

  Sheepwash Bridge     Watercolour 15A3

  Sidmouth     Watercolour & pencil 17F1

  Caerphilly Castle     Oil  15A5

  The Stiperstone Ridge    Watercolour Pencil 16A3

David Kirkham (1)

  Five Bottles & A Bowl    watercolour F4

Denah Grove (8)

  A Birthday Gift     Acrylic  23F1

  The French Alps     acrylic  R

  A Mountain Stream     Acrylic  22A2

  Sea Spray     Acrylic  22A3

  Seascape     Acrylic  22A1

  Sunrise      Acrylic  22F

  Low Tide      Acrylic  22F

  Sands of Time     Acrylic  23F2

Di Galli (15)

  Princess      oil  18F2

  Golden Light, Ironbridge    Acrylic  18A2

  Follow The Clouds     Oil  17A1

  Lake View     Pastel  18A6

  3 Ages of Woman (Klimt style)   Glass paint 18A4

  Rainbow Night     Watercolour 19F2

  Stormy Seas On Ogmore    Acrylic  18A5

  Northern Lights     Watercolour 18A1

  Butterflies     Mixed Media 17A2

  Warm Sunsets     Watercolour 17A4

  Determination     Oil  18A6

  Come Inside - All Welcome    Watercolour 17A4

  Breaking Free     Acrylic  19F2

  Blues of Santorini     Acrylic  19F1

  Purple Lake     Acrylic  18A2

Dimitrios Venetsianos (38)

  Dreaming     Acrylic  19F2

  Dance Away     Acrylic  19F3

  Cat-ch Of The Day     Acrylic & Pen 16A7

  Lazy Hazy Crazy Days    Mixed Media 16A5

  Silver Shadow     Acrylic  TM3

  Knickerbocker Glory    acrylic  18F3

  Silver Birch Forest     Acrylic on canvas 16F3

  Forty Shades     acrylic  18F1

  Piano Bar 1.30 am     Acrylic  19F3

  Afternoon Tea     Acrylic  19F2

  Sizzling Salsa     Acrylic  TM3

  I'm Just Walking The Dog    Acrylic  TM3

  Help The Aaa-gedd     acrylic  18A3, 18F

  Lavender Fields     Acrylic  17A1

  Paso Doble     Acrylic  16A5

  Hip-Hop n' Hapan-In    Pen & Ink 16A6

  Ooh-La-La     Acrylic  16A5

  We Sing When We Win Or Lose   Mixed Media 16A7

  Strictly Swaying     Acrylic on canvas 17A4

  Easy Riders     Acrylic  TM2

  The Four Mills of Chios    Acrylic  17A6

  Tangled      Acrylic  F3

  Take A Leaf Out Of My Book - Book Club  Acrylic  17A6

  Cheers To The Next Chapter - Book Club  Acrylic  17A6

  All Gills To-Gether     Acrylic on canvas 17A5

  Many A Slip     Watercolour 16F4

  Pigtails      Acrylic  16F4

  Cats Rule     Acrylic  16F2

  Summer Ball At The City Hall    Acrylic on canvas 17A4

  The Water Carriers     Acrylic  19F2

  Plaka In Mesta - Chios    Watercolour 18A7

  Enclosed Space     Acrylic  18A3

  Gentle Persuasion     Pen & Ink 18A2

  Piano Bar 11.30 pm    acrylic  19F3

  Femme Fatale     Acrylic  19F3

  Number 5 Recognises A Friend   Acrylic / Watercolour 18A4

  Help The Ag-eeed     Mixed Media 18A3, 18F

  Walkies      Pen & Ink 18A5

Elizabeth Davis (5)

  Tuscan Urn     Oil  16A7

  Parrog, Newport     Oil  16A4

  Breakfast     Watercolour 16A6

  Lucie Ries' Bowl     Oil  16A7

  Rhododendron     Watercolour 16A2

Harbens Bhogal (5)

  Still Life, Apples     Pastel  22A7

  Lion King & Cub     Pastel  22A3

  Still Life, Ceramic Pots    Pastel  22A5

  Fox      Pastel  22A4

  Artist's Materials     Watercolour 22A6

Ian Philpot (79)

  The Anniversary Waltz    Watercolour 18A3

  Evening Stroll, Marloes Beach   watercolour MG

  Buttermere & Fleetwith Pike    Watercolour 22A3

  Tenby      Pen & Watercolour MG

  Winter, Llandaff Cathedral    Watercolour MG

  Fairy Glen     watercolour 19F2

  Penrhiwceiber Mine    Ink & Watercolour TM2

  Leaving Fort William    Ink & Watercolour F3

  Crib Goch, Snowdonia    Pen & Watercolour 18F2

  Glyder Fach & Bristly Ridge    Watercolour 23F3

  Sunset, Newport Parrog    Watercolour TM2

  Lodore Landing, Derwent Water   Watercolour 16F2

  Agios-Nikolaus, Greece    Watercolour 22A2

  Christmas In The Hayes    Watercolour 19F1

  Striding Edge, Helvellyn    Ink & Watercolour 22A7

  Llyn Padarn     Watercolour 17A3

  Tranquility     Watercolour 22A6

  Manarola, Italy     Acryl Gouache 17A5

  Fellwalkers' Paraphernalia    Watercolour 16SL

  The Shard & Tower Bridge    Ink & Watercolour 17F3

  Wasdale & Great Gable, Lake District   Watercolour 17F4

  Buttermere     Watercolour F4

  Waterfalls, Nant Ffrancon    watercolour MG

  Venice Backwater     ink & watercolour MG

  St Denys, Lisvane from the north   Ink & Watercolour MG

  The Black Griffin & St Denys, Lisvane   Ink & Watercolour (sepia) MG

  Wet Night On The Embankment   watercolour MG

  Extreme Sailing, Cardiff Bay    watercolour MG

  Chester      pen & watercolour MG

  Tryfan      watercolour 23F2

  Dawn, Llynnoedd Cregennen    watercolour 15A2

  Sunset, Three Cliffs Bay    Watercolour 22A2

  River Derwent, Borrowdale    Acryl Gouache & Watercolour 16F1

  Sorrento & The Bay of Naples   watercolour 23F2

  Amy      pencil  16POR

  Langstrath     Watercolour 22F

  Blues on Trumpet     Watercolour 15A4

  Summer Evening, Barmouth Bridge   Watercolour 22A1

  Staithes      Watercolour 22A1

  Llyn y Gadair, Cader Idris    Ink & Watercolour F4

  Winter, Cefn Onn Park    watercolour MG

  The Old Miners' Chapel, Cwmorthin   Watercolour 16F3

  Early Morning Calm, Tal y Llyn   Watercolour 16F1

  Sunset, Freshwater     Watercolour MG, 17A5

  Fuchsia 'Moonraker'    watercolour MG

  The Grand Canal, Venice    Watercolour F4

  Sunset, Llyn Celyn     watercolour MG

  Broad Haven     watercolour 17A4

  On The Cob, Ffestiniog Railway   Watercolour 16A6

  Sunset, The Nantlle Ridge    watercolour R

  Country Boy     Watercolour 16A6

  Autumn Light, Forest of Dean    Watercolour 16A4

  Nolton Haven, Pembrokeshire   Watercolour 16A1

  It's Worth It When You Get There!   watercolour F4

  Sunset at Parrog     Watercolour 18A6

  Llyn Nantlle     Watercolour 17A3

  Resting, West Wales    Watercolour 18A1

  After The Rain, Snowdon Horseshoe   watercolour MG

  Merddin Emrys at Blaunau Ffestiniog   Ink & Watercolour R, 22A4

  Sunset, Tresaith     watercolour 22A7

  Snow, Lisvane     watercolour 22A5

  And The Moonbeams Kiss The Sea   watercolour 22A8

  The End Of The Day, Blakeney   Watercolour 22A4

  Winter at Stickle Tarn    watercolour 18A7

  Cwm Cae, Cader Idris    Watercolour TM3

  Langdale Pikes, Lake District    Watercolour 17F2

  Slaters' Bridge, Little Langdale   watercolour F4, 23F1

  Sun Setting Over the Tarn    Watercolour 18A4

  Happy Xmas     watercolour 18A3

  Evening Stillness, Cromer    Watercolour 22A3

  And the sunlight clasps the earth   Watercolour 22A8

  Autumn, Cefn Onn Park    watercolour MG

  Amboise      Pen & wash MG

  Bristol Balloon Festival    watercolour 18F1

  Sunny Creek     watercolour 18A2

  Tenby Twilight     Watercolour MG

  Llangranog     watercolour 18F4

  Autumn Reflections    Watercolour 18A5

  Evening At Solva     watercolour 18A2

Jane Patten (58)

  East Anglian Skies     Acrylic  17A1

  Poppies      embroidery 16A2

  The Ballerina     Acrylic  MG

  Joe      Pastel  17F1

  Embroidered Lady     Embroidery 16F2

  Oriental Poppies     Watercolour 17F4, MG

  On The Beach     Acrylic  17F1

  The World     Enamel  16F3

  Cheetah      Acrylic  15A4

  Bluebell Wood     Pastel  15A6

  Still Life With Pepsi     acrylic  MG

  Celtic Cross     embroidery MG

  Chinese Lanterns     Acrylic  16A2

  Swans      Acrylic  16A1

  The Ladybird     Acrylic  MG

  Castell Coch     Acrylic  MG

  The Swan     Acrylic  MG

  Chinese Lanterns 2     pastel  MG

  Roath Park Lake (miniature)    Watercolour (miniature) MG

  Long Eared Owl     Acrylic  MG

  A Dream Of Paganini    Acrylic  15A4

  Poppy Head     Watercolour 22A6

  Winter Scene     Acrylic  22F

  Peek-A-Boo (Cat)     Watercolour 22A2

  Dachsund     Watercolour 22A4

  Sweet Temptation     Acrylic  MG

  Autumn Beech Leaves    Watercolour 22A3

  Short-Eared Owl     Acrylic  22A1

  I'm Watching You! (Cat)    acrylic  15A6

  Heron's Head     Watercolour MG

  Greater Spotted Woodpecker    Watercolour 17PC

  Summer on the Beach 1    Acrylic  17A1

  Lady's Slipper Orchid    Watercolour 22A7

  Summer on the Beach 2    Acrylic  17A1

  Small Blue Butterfly    Watercolour 17A2

  Waves      Acrylic  MG

  Queen Elizabeth I     enamel  18F3

  The Broken Plate     acrylic  18F4

  Australian Bearded Dragon Lizard   acrylic  18F1

  Buttercup     acrylic  18F2

  Grey Squirrel     Watercolour 18A3

  Poppies      Pastel  MG

  Winter scene     Acrylic  17A6

  Geisha      Embroidery & paint 18A6

  Trying To Escape     Acrylic (miniature) MG

  Autumn Leaves     Watercolour 18A4

  Fly Agaric Fungii     Watercolour 18A7

  Poppies      acrylic  19F2

  Sweet Chestnut     Embroidery 18A4

  Poppies      pastel  R

  Countryside     Acrylic  MG

  Bluebell Wood     Watercolour 18A2

  Tabby Cat     Embroidery 18A5

  Hong Kong at Night    Acrylic  18A1

  Beech Leaves     watercolour 23F1

  1900 Island Cottages    Acrylic  19F2

  Bamboo      embroidery 23F2

  Poppies      Embroidery MG, 19F1

Jean Sheppard (1)

  Woodland     Mixed media 15A1

Jennifer Lenczner (1)

  Italian Dolomites     acrylic  17PC

Joan Denfield (7)

  Reflective Mood, Bruges    Watercolour 16A8

  Days of Yore     Watercolour 16F2

  Nellie Moser     Watercolour 17A7

  Plants For Sale, Burford    Watercolour 18F3

  Festival de Danse, Nantes    Watercolour 16A7

  Bonne Nuit, Angers     Watercolour 16A3

  The Magic of Snowdon    Watercolour 17A5

John Lewis (20)

  What Have We Done?    Ink & Watercolour TM4

  Glastonbury Tor     Pastel  17A3

  Hungry Eyes     Watercolour 15A4

  Break In The Clouds    Pastel  15A3

  Lake View     Pastel  16A5

  Otter      polychronos pencils 22A5

  The Matriarch     Pen & Ink 22A8

  Clean Seas     Ink & Watercolour 22A6

  A Working Man     Pastel  16A7

  Keep It Safe     Ink & Watercolour 22A8

  The Colour of Music    Watercolour 16A6

  Playing The Blues     Watercolour 16A6

  Carreg Cennen Castle    Pastel  17A5

  Lakeside      Pastel  17A3

  Bamburgh Castle     Pastel  17A4

  Bamburgh After The Storm    Pastel  17A4

  Staple Tor     Pastel  16A5

  Bluebells In A Boot     Pen & Wash 16A6

  Blowing A Gale     Acrylic  17A5

  Day Dreamer     Pen & Ink 22A7

Judy Moore (19)

  Kingfisher I     Silk embroidery 17A7

  Weekend Retreat     Watercolour 16A8

  Kingfisher II     Silk embroidery 17A7

  Winter      Watercolour 17A3

  Desolation     watercolour MG

  Relaxation     Pastel  MG

  A Winter Walk     Watercolour MG

  Homestead     Watercolour 18A5

  A Walk In The Cotswolds    Watercolour 16A5

  Solitude      watercolour MG

  Lakeland Cottages     Watercolour 15A3

  Cumbria      Watercolour 16A4

  Morning Light, Bluebells    Watercolour 22A5

  Tranquility     Watercolour MG

  Alleyways     Watercolour 17F4

  Cottage Garden     Watercolour & Embroidery 22A6

  Old Rural Spain     Oil  MG

  Spring Flowers     watercolour MG

  An Italian Garden     Embroidery - Blackwork Design 22A8

Karen Hodge (7)

  Seascape     Acrylic  17A3

  Sea & Sand, Lemnos    Acrylic  16A8

  Elements of Winter     Acrylic  16F1

  Dark Sea, Lemnos     Acrylic  16A8

  Creation of Joy     Acrylic  16F1

  Winter Sea     Acrylic  17A5

  Floral Dreams     Acrylic  15A1

Marilyn Davies (7)

  Red Flower Burst     Acrylic on canvas 18A7

  Lily Spray     Acrylic  18A4

  Tom      Pastel  18A5

  Castell Coch     Watercolour 18A6

  Cats Eyes     Watercolour 18A6

  Still Life      Watercolour 18A2

  Seascape     Acrylic  18A7

Nesta Hughes (2)

  Istanbul      pastel  23F2

  The Wenallt     pen & wash 23F3

Nikou Farahat (4)

  Poppies      watercolour 18F1

  Rose      watercolour 18F4

  Boat      watercolour 18F2

  Poppy      watercolour 18F3

Noelle Walsh (1)

  The  Art of Copying     Pastels on Board TM4

Pam Gilbert (59)

  Rhododendrons     watercolour 23F1

  Lily Pond      watercolour 23F1

  Allium Flowers at Windsor Gardens   Stitched Watercolour 16F4

  Pond at Cefn Onn Park    watercolour 23F1

  Pontsticill Reservoir    Stitched Textile 15A6

  Colourful Landscape, Brecon    Stitched Textile 15A2

  Japanese Bridge, Cefn Onn Park   watercolour 23F1

  The Steps, Cefn Onn Park    watercolour 23PC, 23F3

  Magical Mystery     Watercolour / Textile 22A4

  Bougainvillea Impression    Watercolour MG

  Bluebell Wood At The Wenallt   hand embroidered textile MG

  Forest      watercolour, Ink & oil pastel MG

  Llwyn Onn Reservoir    watercolour R

  Mindfulness     Watercolour 22A3

  Anne Hathaway's Cottage    Embroidery & Collage MG

  Penarth      Collage / Acrylic 22A2

  Floral Abstract     Watercolour 22A1

  Allium & Butterfly     Watercolour & embroidery 22A6

  Clematis      Embroidered Textile MG

  Ocean Impression     Merino Wool & Stitch 17A7

  Blue & Purple Flowers    handmade felt with Merino wool 18F1

  Night Owls     Stitched Textile 15A4

  Tulips      handmade felt with Merino wool 18F3

  Worms Head from Rhossili    Free motion embroidered picture 17F3

  Gateway To Beyond    mixed media MG

  Autumn Trees     Watercolour 16A3

  Sunset Trees     Embroidered Picture 16A3

  Rosa Canina     textile with stitch 22A8

  Summer Sea     Merino Wool & Stitch 17A7

  Jug of Roses     handmade felt with Merino wool 18F4

  Three Cliffs Bay     Stitched Textile 17A7

  Fuchsia      watercolour 16PC

  Brecon Beacons     Watercolour 17A5

  Sunset Tree     Mixed media MG

  Still Life In Contrasting Colours   Stitched Textile 17A2

  Bridge At Roath Park    Handmade Felting 17A5

  Blooms      watercolour 16C

  Symonds Yat East     embroidery MG

  Welsh Mountains     Applique & stitch 16A4

  First Snowfall     Stitched picture 18A2

  Cwmcarn     Stitched Textile 15A6

  Sunflower With Butterfly    Watercolour / embroidery 22A5

  Newport Beach, Pembrokeshire   Stitch on silk 18A1

  Fleeing The Storm     Watercolour 18A5

  Enchanted Forest     Watercolour & Ink 18A2

  Prebends Bridge & Mill, River Wear, Durham  Watercolour 18A7

  Fantasy Flower     Watercolour MG

  Robin      Stitched picture 18A3

  Daisies      textile on silk 22A7

  Tree & bluebells     watercolour MG

  Bluebells at Cosmeston    Felt painting and stitch 17F1

  Bluebells On The Graig     watercolour 17PC

  Pen y Fan     Felt painting & stitch 17F2

  Red Cottage     Stitch, silk thread & watercolour 18A1

  Sunset Tree     Stitch, thread, fibre watercolour 18A5

  Winter in Brecon     Stitch, thread, fibre watercolour 18A6

  Sunflowers     watercolour MG

  Clematis      watercolour MG

  Spring Flowers     Merino wool & stitch 17F4

Patrizia Hodge (1)

  Rhymney Ridgeway    Collage  F4

Paul Arnott (28)

  Woodland Walk     Watercolour F4

  Wild Sea      Watercolour 15A2

  River Running     Acrylic  15A5

  Caerfai, Pembrokeshire    Acrylic  15A6

  Sailing Into The Sunset    Acrylic  17DEM

  Moorings      Watercolour 15A5

  Abergorky Colliery     Watercolour 17A6

  Going Ashore     Watercolour 16A4

  Castle Hill, St. Fagans    Watercolour 16A1

  Beach Walk     Watercolour 16A1

  Kitchen Towel Bay     Watercolour 16A8

  Autumn Walk     Watercolour 16A3

  Sail Away     Acrylic  16A8

  Lower Slaughter     Watercolour 17F1

  Shore Party     Acryl Gouache 17F2

  Amy      acrylic  16POR

  Gondolas In Venice    acryl gouache 17PC

  Setting Sail     Watercolour 16A3

  Titanic Leaving Belfast    Watercolour 17A5

  The Three Amigos     Watercolour 16A1

  Autumn Stream     Acrylic  18A3

  Austrian Waterfall     Gouache  19F1

  Waves At Sunrise     Gouache  18A5

  Wild & Windy     Gouache  18A2

  Sunset Tide     Gouache  18A4

  West Wales Beachcasting    Watercolour TM4

  Sunset, West Wales    Acrylic  18A6

  Across The Stream     Acrylic  18A1

Pauline Rawlings (17)

  Hydrangea macrophylla SP    Watercolour 17A2

  Sunflower & Bee     Watercolour 17F3

  Eryngium Giganteum  'Mrs Willmott's Ghost' & Bee Watercolour 16A2

  Autumn Leaves     Watercolour 17A6

  Tortoiseshell Butterfly On Inula hookeri   Watercolour 17A2

  Yellow-billed Kite     Watercolour 18A6

  Oliver      Graphite  18A1

  Oak Tree At Stourhead    Graphite  17A3

  Hydrangea macrophylla in Summer   Pen & wash 16C

  Stocks      Pen & wash 16F4

  Dahlia      Watercolour 16A2

  Echinacea Purpurea    Watercolour 16A6

  Tree Paeony     Watercolour 16A2

  Hydrangea macrophylla in Autumn   Pen & wash 16F2

  Sleeping Leopard     Pen & wash 16F3

  Clematis 'Inspiration'    Watercolour 16A2

  Sweet Peas     watercolour 17C

Rona Sullivan (1)

  Brothers      Graphite  F3

Sharyn Cochrane (6)

  Old Man With A Beard    pastel  R

  The Lonely Tree     Charcoal  22A1

  Tiger      Pastel  22A3

  Lighthouse, Mumbles    Charcoal  22A4

  Sunset      pastel  23F2

  John Cunningham     Pencil  22A2

Sherry Thomas (23)

  Beach Cottages I     Acrylic  22A6

  Blue Village     Watercolour 17A3

  Still Life      Mixed media 17A2

  Seaside Cottages     watercolour 18F3

  Distant Blue Hills     watercolour 18F4

  Hillside Cottage     watercolour 18F1

  Beach Cottages II     acrylic  22A1

  Village Sunset     mixed media 18F2

  Floral Explosion     Watercolour 15A1

  Harbour      Watercolour 18A1

  Snowdonia (after Peter Cronin)   Watercolour 22A3

  Blaunau Ffestiniog Cottage (after Peter Cronin)  Watercolour 22A5

  Grazing Sheep (after Peter Cronin)   Watercolour 22A2

  Silver Birch     Mixed Media 22A7

  Meadowland     Mixed media 17A1

  Sunflowers     Acrylic  22A4

  Saltaire Mill     Line & wash 15A1

  Flower Burst     Liquid Acrylic 17F3

  Lime House Blues     Mixed media 16A5

  Yachts at Sunset     Watercolour 17F2

  Cotswold Cottages     Line & Wash 16A5

  Orange Balloon     Watercolour 16A7

  Cranesbill     acrylic ink 17PC

Sylvia Davies (13)  

  Wild Daises     watercolour 16A5

  Porthgain, West Wales    Watercolour 16A8

  Cwm Yr Eglwys     Watercolour 19F1

  A Certain Stillness     Watercolour 18A3

  First Snow, Neath Canal    Watercolour TM4, F4

  The Old Milk Churn     Watercolour 16A4

  The Market, Old Town, Nice    Watercolour 16F1

  Sunset, Nolton Haven    Watercolour 17A6

  Evening Light, The Lake District   Watercolour 17C

  A Venetian Canal     Watercolour 17A3

  Solva, Pembrokeshire    Watercolour 17A1

  Abereiddu Cottages    Watercolour 18A4

  Poppies      Watercolour 16A2

Trevor Hill (10)

  Winter Sun II     Watercolour 16A3

  Corfe Castle     Watercolour 16A1

  The Last Shift     Watercolour 16A1

  Llandaff Fields     Watercolour 16A4

  Snowy Trees     Watercolour 16A1

  Large Tree     Watercolour 16A4

  The Park      Acrylic  16A1

  Heading West     Chalk & charcoal 16A6

  Winter Stile     Watercolour 15A2

  Winter Sun     Watercolour TM3

Trevor Jones (8)

  Laugharne Mooring     acrylic  16A4

  Clifton Bridge & River Avon, c1900   Acrylic  15A2

  Ceibwr Bay, Pembrokeshire    Acrylic  15A3

  Packhorse Bridge, Lledr Valley   Acrylic  F3

  Aberglaslyn     Acrylic  16A7

  Nant Ffrancon     Acrylic  16C

  Church Road, Lisvane    Acrylic  18A4

  Snowdon from Llyn Llydaw    Acrylic  17F1

Viv Bushell (7)

  Siamese Cat     watercolour 18F2

  Sun      Watercolour 16A3

  Clayworth Wharf, Worcestershire   Watercolour 17A4

  Fawns      Watercolour 17A2

  Sunset      watercolour 18F3

  Murlough Beach, County Down, Ireland   Watercolour 16F1

  Autumn Leaves     Watercolour 16A3