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Lisvane Art Workshop

Lisvane Festival Exhibition 2023


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This gallery contains images of members’ paintings in this exhibition; however, some of the paintings were exhibited previously and will be found elsewhere on the site as listed on page 3 - please just click on the link to find them. Paintings by artists who are not members of LAW are not included here.

(Above left) Beech, Jane Patten, watercolour

(Above) Slaters’ Bridge, Little Langdale, Ian Philpot, watercolour

(Left) A Birthday Gift, Denah Grove, acrylic

(Below) Mountain Retreat, Anne Edwards, watercolour

(Above) Lily Pond, Pam Gilbert, watercolour                      (Above) Rhododendrons, Pam Gilbert, watercolour

(Below) The Pond, Cefn Onn Park, Pam Gilbert,                 (Below) Japanese Bridge, Cefn Onn Park, Pam

Watercolour                                                                     Gilbert, watercolour

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