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Lisvane Art Workshop

Annual Exhibition 2016

Gallery of Paintings 1

As this is a recent exhibition, some of these paintings may still be available for purchase, so the exhibition price is included, though these should be taken as a guide only.

(above left) ‘Nolton Haven’, watercolour, by Ian Philpot, £95

(above right) ‘Swans’, acrylic, by Jane Patten, £85

(below left) ‘The Park’, acrylic, Trevor Hill, £65

(below right) ‘Barn Door’, watercolour, by Alison Down, £50

(above left) ‘Castle Hill, St Fagan’s’, watercolour, by Paul Arnott, £80

(above right) ‘Snowy Trees’, watercolour, by Trevor Hill, £105

(Below) ‘Beach Walk’, watercolour, by Paul Arnott, £80

(left) ‘The Three Amigos’, watercolour, by Paul Arnott, £150

(below left) ‘Corfe Castle’, watercolour, by Trevor Hill, £105

(below right) ‘The Last Shift’, watercolour, by Trevor Hill, £70

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