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Lisvane Art Workshop

Annual Exhibition 2022

Gallery of Paintings 2

(Above left) Looking To The Skirrid From Blorenge (watercolour by Alison Down)

(Above right) Peek-A-Boo (watercolour by Jane Patten)

(Below left) John Cunningham (pencil by Sharyn Cochrane)

(Below right) Sunset, Three Cliffs Bay (watercolour by Ian Philpot)

(Left View Fron Penarth (collage / acrylic by Pam Gilbert

(Above right) Grazing Sheep (after Peter Cronin) (acrylic by Sherry Thomas)

(Below left) A Mountain Stream (acrylic by Denah Grove)

(Below right) Agios-Nikolaus, Greece (watercolour by Ian Philpot, from a photograph by Anne Edwards)

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