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(left) A 1985 portrait by Percy of members of the Art Workshop: (l to r) Wyn Davies, David Ash, Percy himself, Peter Taylor.

(below left) An LAW outing to Lisvane Reservoir, about 1987-88: David Ash and David Bartlett at back. Standing: Ismay Willie, Cynthia Walker, Dini Woodworth, June Doughty and Gill?? and Percy Harvey seated (photo by the late Granville Thomas)

(below) Outside the Old School, Summer 2000: At back: John Cross, Norma Hancock, Trevor Jones, Bernard Hill, Arthur Hammond, Peter Taylor, Ian Philpot; at front: ?, ?, Joan Ridley, Doreen Hall, Moira Lloyd, Rhona Flynn, George Gillespie. Who are the first two? (photo by the late Granville Thomas)

(above) An outing to artist Barry Herniman in June 2006. (L to r): Beryl Pepperell, Joan Denfield (at front), Rhona Flynn, Sylvia Davies, Trevor Jones, Peter Collier and Chris Phelps with Barry Herniman seated.

We also hold a smaller exhibition as part of the Lisvane Festival in June, in which there is a competition for the Sir Julian Hodge Festival Cup.

In June 2006, we started a ‘rolling’ exhibition in the main hall, featuring paintings by members, which were replaced every three months if unsold. This was discontinued in 2019, but has now been reinstated.

The Ted Martin Memorial Trophy was introduced in November 2010, named after the late Ted Martin, a former member, and presented by his friends in Lisvane to the artist who, in the opinion of the visitors to our Annual Exhibition, produced the best painting in the exhibition.

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