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Lisvane Art Workshop

Annual Exhibition 2017

Gallery of Paintings 2

(top) ‘Polar Bears’, watercolour by Anne Edwards, £20

(Above) ‘Penguins’, watercolour by Anne Edwards, £20

(Above right) ‘An Old Woman of Crete’, pencil by David Ash, £40

(Right) ‘Small Blue Butterfly’, watercolour by Jane Patten, £80

(Below) ‘Fawns’, watercolour by Viv Bushell, £56

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(above) ‘Hydrangea macrophylla SP’, watercolour by Pauline Rawlings, NFS

(above right) ‘Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Inula hookeri’, watercolour by Pauline Rawlings, NFS

(right) Butterflies’, mixed media by Di Galli, £35

(below) ‘Still Life In Contrasting Colours’, stitched textile by Pam Gilbert, £135

(Bottom) ‘Still Life’, mixed media by Sherry Thomas, £50