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Lisvane Art Workshop

Lisvane Festival Exhibition 2016


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The prices given for each painting were those quoted at the time and may no longer be applicable, so must be taken as a guide only.(NFS = not for sale)

Festival Exhibition Main Page Gallery 2016 Page 2

(above left) ‘Creation of Joy’ (acrylic, Karen Hodge, NFS)

(above right) ‘Murlough Beach, County Down’ (watercolour, Viv Bushell, £65)

(below left) ‘Early Morning Calm, Tal y Llyn’ (watercolour, Ian Philpot, £80

(below right) ‘Market, Old Town, Nice’ (watercolour, Sylvia Davies, £75)

Gallery 2016 Page 3 Gallery 2016 Page 4

(above left) ‘River Derwent, Borrowdale’ (acryl gouache & watercolour, Ian Philpot, £125)

(above right) ‘Garden Pond’ (watercolour, Alison Down, £80)

(left) ‘Elements of Winter’ (acrylic, Karen Hodge, NFS)