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Lisvane Art Workshop

Annual General Meeting

15 October 2019

Among the items discussed at this year’s AGM were the following:

Ian had looked into the production of a LAW calendar. Choosing paintings from 12 different artists for the various months was very difficult and certainly would not result in our best paintings. We should also have to sell a large number to make any profit. Any small profit made would not be worth the effort involved.

The idea of producing prints and cards was also considered. Pam G suggested we should use moo.com to produce cards and would bring samples in for us to see.

Expansion of the Rolling Exhibition into the small hall was discussed again. This was primarily of interest to Ian and Paul, but since Paul painted to a variety of different sizes, the use of Cardiff Frame security fixings was not appropriate. Since mirror plates provided little security, the idea was abandoned for the time being.

The question of paying for visiting demonstrators was also considered, but it was decided that it would be too expensive.

It was agreed to produce some flyers advertising for new members.

It was agreed to keep subscriptions at the same level for 2019-20.

Ian was re-elected as Chairman and Exhibition Organiser,

Sherry was re-elected as Treasurer, and

Paul was elected as Programme Secretary.

The full minutes of the meeting area available to members on application to the Chairman.

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