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Lisvane Art Workshop

Annual Exhibition 2018

Gallery of Paintings 5

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(above) ‘Autumn Reflections’, watercolour, Ian Philpot, £85

(above right) ‘St Helen’s Dunes, Isle of Wight’, watercolour, Alison Down, £85

(right) ‘Tom’, pastel, Marilyn Davies, £35

(below) ‘Stormy Seas On Ogmore’, acrylic, Di Galli, £45

(above) ‘Fleeing The Storm’, watercolour, Pam Gilbert, £69

(right) ‘Melaucène, Provence’, watercolour, Alison Down, £85

(below) ‘Sunset Tree’, stitch, thread, fibre watercolour, Pam Gilbert, £45

(below right) ‘Walkies’, pen & ink, Dimitrios Venetsianos, £100

(above) ‘Waves At Sunrise’, gouache, Paul Arnott, £150

(left) ‘Tabby Cat’, embroidery, Jane Patten, £50

(below) ‘Homestead’, watercolour, Judy Moore, £65