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Lisvane Art Workshop

Members’ Gallery: Viv Bushell

(above left) ‘Mary’, oil

(above) ‘Dad’s Army’, watercolour

(below) ‘Duffryn House’, watercolour

(below) ‘Swan On Coniston’, watercolour

(right) ‘Times Of The Past’, watercolour

(below right) ‘Moorish Idols’, watercolour

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(left) ‘Titania’, watercolour

(right) ‘Barbra Streisand’, pen & wash

Viv also has other paintings on this website as follows:

Autumn Leaves           16A3

Clayworth Wharf, Worcestershire         17A4

Fawns               17A2

Murlough Beach, County Down          16F1

Siamese Cat            18F2

Sun          16A3

Sunset                      18F3

(left) ‘Country Scene’ watercolour

(right) ‘Marguerites’ watercolour

(Below) ‘Tower Bridge’, watercolour

(right) ‘Roath Park’, watercolour