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Lisvane Art Workshop

Members’ Gallery: John Lewis

(above left) ‘Pirouette’, watercolour

(above right) ‘Nag Nag’, pastel

(left) ‘Shep’, pastel

(right) ‘Elephant At The Waterhole’, pastel

More of John’s paintings are to be found here:

A Working Man           16A7

Bamburgh After The Storm     17A4

Bamburgh Castle    17A4

Blowing A Gale         17A5

Bluebells In A Boot         16A6

Break In The Clouds    15A3

Carreg Cennen Castle         17A5

Colour of Music           16A6

Glastonbury Tor         17A3

Hungry Eyes          15A4

Lake View             16A5

Lakeside               17A3

Playing The Blues         16A6

Staple Tor              16A5        

(above) ‘Hill Farm’, pastel

(right) ‘Jac’, pastel

(below) ‘Cromer Crab Boat’, pastel

(above) ‘A Walk In The Rain’, acrylic

(left) ‘Winter Morn’, pastel

(below left) ‘Fanfare’, acrylic ink

(below) ‘Seven Sisters’, pastel