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Lisvane Art Workshop

Sherry Thomas

Sherry also has paintings in the following galleries:

Blue Village               17A3

Cotswold Cottages          16A5

Cranesbill                  N

Distant Blue Hills                 18F4

Floral Explosion           15A1

Flower Burst               17F3

Harbour                 18A1

Hillside Cottage           18F1

Lime House Blues         16A5

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(left) ‘Daffodils’, watercolour

(above) ‘Freshwater’, watercolour

Meadowland                 17A1

Orange Balloon            16A7

Saltaire Mill              15A1

Seaside Cottages             18F3

Still Life                 17A2

Village Sunset            18F2

Yachts At Sunset         17F2